Randy Miller has been singing Gospel music since he was a teenager. He has had the privilege of singing on the same platform with such groups as the Couriers, the Vicksburg Quartet, the Gabriels, Brothers in Grace, and the Watchmen. He has recorded 10 LP recordings, and currently has five CD's available to his listeners. Randy has offered a number of concerts as fundraisers for the benefit of charitable organizations such as Cornerstone Youth Ministries and No Longer Alone Ministries, an organization that reaches out to families of individuals who are dealing with mental health issues. The proceeds from Randy's Christmas album titled "Sweet Christmas" have been dedicated exclusively to organizations that benefit children's health, including St. Jude's Children's Hospital and the global polio eradication initiative of Rotary International.

Randy is available for concerts at churches, celebrations, banquets, family gatherings, and other events.


Randy Miller was born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, the youngest of five children. When Randy was just ten months old, he was stricken with polio, which initially left him completely paralyzed. Doctors told Randy's parents that their son would most likely not survive the polio attack, and if he did live, he would probably live most of his life lying down, being turned by nurses and caregivers.

As time passed, Randy grew stronger and with the aid of full-length braces and crutches he was able to walk at the age of five years. Through God's grace and the support of his family, Randy was able to participate in many activities and events that doctors had previously said would never happen.

After graduating from high school, Randy attended Elizabethtown College where he met his wife Joanne. After graduating from Elizabethtown College, Randy attended law school and became an attorney. He is a sole practitioner in Elizabethtown, PA.

God has blessed Randy and Joanne with three wonderful daughters and five delightful grandchildren.

Randy and Joanne Miller
659 E Willow Street
Elizabethtown PA 17022